If you're turning 65 or retiring,

Simplete is Your Partner in Medicare Planning

Simplete isn't like other Medicare products. We simplify the process and work with your local healthcare providers to deliver better benefits at a better value.

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Getting Ready for Your 65th Birthday

A Year Before

6 Months Before

5 Months Before

3 Months Before

Congratulations! If you were enrolled in Original Medicare automatically, you should get your Medicare card in the mail.

  • If you have to apply for Original Medicare benefits through Social Security, you can enroll now.
  • Start applying for other coverage, like Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D plans now.
Find a Plan

2 Months Before

  • Talk to your employer about your decisions to make a smooth switch from group coverage to Medicare.
  • If your spouse or any dependents were covered under your employer’s group plan, make arrangements for them to be covered with your employer or on an individual plan after you've switched to Medicare.

You’re 65!

Happy Birthday!

If you've already enrolled:

  • Make sure you have your Medicare card and ID cards for any other coverage you enrolled in.
  • Tell your doctors and pharmacy about your new coverage.
  • Learn more about using your new coverage.

If you haven't enrolled yet:

  • Enroll now. You still have your birth month and the 3 months after that to sign up for a Medicare plan.

Make sure you don't miss your enrollment periods because you might have to pay a higher premium for late enrollment in Parts A and B or a penalty to add prescription drug coverage later.